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Frequently Asked Questions

Why modernize a heavy machine tool?

Modernization will increase productivity, improve accuracy and enable the use of modern technologies, which ultimately increases competitiveness and reduces operating costs.

What are the main advantages of modernization?
  • Increases the efficiency and accuracy of machining operations;
  • Extends the life of the machine;
  • It allows the integration of new technologies such as CNC systems or monitoring systems.
What is the budget for modernization?

The cost of modernization is significantly lower than for the acquisition of a new machine. It varies depending on the specific requirements and scope of work. The important thing is to include the cost of new technology, labor, training and any downtime in production.

What type of upgrade is best for my machine?

We always prepare tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements. The scope of modernization depends on the existing shortcomings of your machine. Modernization will solve the most common problems. This may include overhauling the mechanical part of the machine, increasing the existing accuracy, replacing the control system, adding or upgrading the equipment of the machine, or modifying its components.

What is the timeframe for modernization?

Again, it depends on the scope of work. Smaller upgrades can be completed in a matter of weeks, while larger projects can take several months. For heavy machine tools, such as vertical lathes, modernization is usually a faster option than buying a new machine, where delivery can take 1.5-2 years.

Who will do the modernization?

Preferably us! Our company specializes in the modernization of machine tools. We are able to carry out a complete modernization of everything from mechanics to hydraulics to a new CNC system. Complete!

What will be the impact of modernization on the production process?

Modernization should improve production processes, reduce downtime, and increase machine performance, accuracy, speed and reliability.

Will additional training be needed to operate the new equipment?

Yes, it will probably be necessary to provide training for operators and maintenance workers to become familiar with new equipment and technologies.

Overhauls of carousels and turntables and other heavy machine tools of Czech and foreign manufacturers

How often should the machine tool be serviced?

The frequency of service depends on the type of machine, its operating mode and the intensity of use. In general, regular preventive service at least once a year is recommended.

What are the symptoms of the need for service?

Decreased performance, unusual noise, vibration, imperfect machining results and recurring failures are signals that the machine requires service intervention.

What does preventive service include?

Servizio regularmente incluye inspección de todas funciones máquinas, verificación de precisión y calibración de máquinas, inspección de armamente electrónicos, sistemas electrónicos, sistemas fluidos, y un proposito para reparar o replacar partes worde.

Can I carry out simple maintenance tasks myself?

Some maintenance tasks, such as cleaning or lubrication, can be done by yourself. However, more complex repairs and settings should be carried out by a qualified technician.

How to choose a service technician?

We recommend choosing a qualified technician with appropriate experience in the field. Try to find out about the reputation of the service company and consult with other users.

Is it possible to upgrade older machine tools?

Yes, older machines can be upgraded by overhauling or upgrading, updating software, or replacing some components, which can improve their performance and capabilities.

How to minimize machine downtime?

Regular preventive service, adherence to maintenance recommendations and operator training can significantly minimize downtime and extend the life of the machine.

Qualified service and repair of carousels, turntables and other heavy machine tools

Why choose a vertical lathe from VTL Blansko, a.s.?

VTL Blansko, a.s. is proud of a long tradition in the field of production and modernization of precision machine tools. Our vertical lathes are synonymous with reliability, high quality and innovative technology. Invest in a device that moves you forward. Investing in a vertical lathe from VTL Blansko, a.s. is not only a short-term solution. It's an investment in the future of your business.

What benefit will your new vertical lathe have for our production?

With our modern vertical lathe you optimize your production process. You increase capacity, achieve greater precision and open the door for processing a wider range of materials. All this in order to maximize efficiency and minimize production costs. Our machines are designed for long life and minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on what you do best — making excellent products.

What are the advantages of your machines?
  • Thanks to the superior construction using high rigidity castings, quality workmanship and the use of quality components, this is especially:
    • reliability,
    • rigidity
    • superior and sustained accuracy,
    • high performance.
  • Vertical lathes from our workshop can boast a wide range of modern solutions. Our machines are equipped with advanced control systems, enabling precise and fast processing of the workpiece. The use of various tools and modern accessories further expands the possibilities of your production.
Do you provide warranty and post-warranty service?

Of course yes! Warranty and post-warranty service is an obvious service to customers, including the supply of spare parts.

Is it possible to connect a machine for remote diagnostics?

Yes, we also offer this service to customers. Thanks to remote diagnostics, we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to potential problems. Remote access allows our technicians to provide support and advice without having to be physically present. This saves time and minimizes production downtime. Remote diagnostics is not only a modern trend, it is a key element in our effort to provide the best manufacturing services and maintain the high quality of our products.

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